Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning to launch a website, you need a 'Name' to it (e.g. www.mycompany.com ) , this is what a Domain Name do. Domain Names are the identity of your website, registered with International Domain Registries.
A web hosting account, is your Space on the Server , which runs 24 hours a day - 365 days a year , just to ensure, that any visitor to your website, get the contents ready for access, from anywhere in the world, anytime. This creates need of a facility to provide 24x7 power supply, robust technology, and good working systems. Buying and managing all these for a single website might be too expensive. A web hosting account, offers you a shared place to host (or place) your website contents, so that they can be managed by professionals at much lower rates, payable annually.

NO. We do not belive in making un-realistic offers. We are aware that there are few Start-Up players in the market doing it, but our 5 years experience clearly shows that no one can afford to give it for a long. Once the consumption increases, the websites gets hampered with load and server downtime increases. Also , commercialy it does not become vialble and finally the companies have to shut, prooving a Night-Mare for their customers.
Instead, we belive in giving moderate space with right value. We emphasis on giving more value to the clients, in respect to services, facilities, unlimited email ids, and other add-ons , which help them grow with their business requirement.
Not to forget ,'All That Glitters is Not Gold.'

Our servers are located in TEXAS, U.S.A. Though we would be glad to host them in India as well, current maintainance costs does not allow it to be cost-effective.
The Data-Center , COLO4DALLAS, is a proffessionally managed place to host such servers, with complete security, 24x7 support team, technical expertiese and complete experience in managing them. You may get more information at our Data Center Page.

We focus on working closely with you to host your contents. Unlike other competitors, providing only email support, we welcome you to give us a call if you are in trouble. More to that , we encourage you to visit us in person at any of our offices to get that feel, we all need to trust each other. We are soon launching the various demos and tutuorials to help you solve your day-to-day issues to handle your account. Our special blogs at "http://blog.cybridge.in , will also help you get better ideas of the industry by providing interesting knowledge and articles.

Right now, we offer a monthly payment system only for our resellers. Resellers are the individuals or companies, who buy the space in bulk (say 25 GB , 50 GB , 100GB etc.) and then resell it in smaller packages to their clients.

Certainly Yes ! You will have to use pay-pal to pay by credit card as of now. You may go to the website http://www.paypal.com (click here). Please add 5% to the billing amount as transaction fees. We would also welcome you walk-in to our office and pay by credit card or debit card personally.

You may directly deposit cash or cheque to our bank account, the easiest way. You may also use Internet Transfers / Net Banking to transfer the funds. We accept cheque payments sent via courier, if made 'payable at par in Pune.' To get our bank details click here.

Oh ! we would love to do that. But currently our man-power does not permit it. The growing number of clients in remote places does not give the physibility to pickup the payment. Instead , we encourage to send it at your convinience by taking advantage of technology such as ATM payment, Net Banking Transfer, or simply the traditional way to dispatch it by Courier. To get our bank details click here.

Virtually No ! We do not ask for loads of paper work and critical system flows to make it difficult for us to work with you. The common terms and conditions that are applicable to the services obtained are listed in the legal section, and apply to all clients. However, in case of dedicated servers and web-based applications , we are open to sign the agreements if require.

100% We register your domain name in your name. The hosting account is created for you with the features listed in your plan. You get complete control over your domain name and hosting. You can change NS records, change registrant information, and use managed DNS services for domain name. Your hosting account gives you liberty to create your email accounts, ftp accounts, manage files online, create database, enable supports to your website and much more.
We simply belive that 'If we have to sell a CAR, the KEYS should go to the Owner'.

Its simple , just like 1 - 2 - 3 . We have put a special page for you with step-by-step tutorial for the same at outlook-tutorial page.

We understand that its a very small list of questions answered. Kindly drop an email to support@virtual24x7.com if you have any more questions regarding any part of the website or services offered.

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