Corporate Emails

All the features business users need Hosted Email packs a complete personal information management System into a compact, easy-to-use interface. Business email users have different needs and requirements than personal users. Email clients like Gmail or Yahoo are great for staying in touch with Friends and family, but when your business relies on email, you need more.

Key Features

Personal Support

The persons who manage our customer support are real and not auto-responders. We understand the pain and human feelings, when you are in need of help.

Mulitple Domains Single Account

We know that you many need to host more than website as your business grow. That's why our accounts come with multiple domain support.

Upgraded Infrastructure

We understand that the technology changes at rapid pace, and you need to keep up with it. So we make sure that the sever infrastructure supports your current and future plans.

High Uptime

Our servers are robust and updated. And we know how to manage them. We have an average 99.99% uptime for most of them.

Free Trials

We do not want you to rely only on our words. Rather, we encourage you to have trials for most of our services for Free. Try it before you Buy.

Live Monitoring

Hacking & Attacks are normal in web industry, and it hurts a lot. That's why we ensure live monitoring across all our websites with upgraded and fully automated softwares.

Corporate Email Plans


  • Price / Per Month / Per Mail ID
  • Mail Box Size
  • Attachment
  • Task Manager
  • Notes
  • Uptime
  • Email Filtering
  • Mobile Support

  • PC / Laptop Configuration
  • Price / Per Month / Per Mail ID

10 - 500 Email Ids

  • Rs.100/-
  • 25GB
  • 50 MB
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 99.9 %
  • Yes
  • iPhone®, Android®, Windows® Phone or BlackBerry®
  • Outlook®, or ThunderbirdTM
  • Rs.100/-
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2501 – 5000 Email Id’s

  • Rs.81/-
  • 25GB
  • 50 MB
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 99.9 %
  • Yes
  • iPhone®, Android®, Windows® Phone or BlackBerry®
  • Outlook®, or ThunderbirdTM
  • Rs.81/-
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All Features

For Your Users

  • Access to mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes from one application
  • Use our easy webmail client or a desktop client, like Outlook®, or ThunderbirdTM
  • Access mail on your iPhone®, Android®, Windows® Phone or BlackBerry® device
  • Optional Mobile Sync for Business Webmail
  • View/share/edit users’ calendars
  • Share calendars outside of your domain with iCal support
  • Maintain and track task lists
  • Create group contacts lists
  • Companywide contact lists
  • 25GB mailboxes
  • 50MB attachments (about 500 JPEG images)
  • Mail filtering controls and enhanced searching

For Your IT Department

  • Easy, web-based control panel administration
  • 24x7x 365 supports via phone, chat, or support site
  • Data migration assistance available
  • Industry-leading SLA
  • Redundant, clustered server pairs
  • Secure SSL encryption
  • Add/delete/restore mailboxes from control panel
  • Desktop client compatibility
  • Domain & mailbox-level spam and virus filters
  • Daily backups with 14 days retention
  • Optional email archiving service

Navigating a Dynamic Threat Landscape for Email

Spam used to be annoying. Now, it’s dangerous. As many as 75% of businesses report virus infections from incoming email. Email is now the leading entry point for network threats like viruses, Trojans, and worms.
Lost productivity from checking and deleting spam and the expense of rallying the IT department to fix and recover lost data costs over $20 billion a year. Keeping the spam menace out of your organization is not an easy or cheap proposition. The software licenses alone are costly. Add to that constant maintenance to ensure protection against emerging threats.

25 GB Mailboxes & 50 MB Attachments

  • Keep email in your inbox without running out of room
  • Mailbox holds up to 25 GB of email
  • Send and receive large files
  • Send a 1000-page Word document, 200 PowerPoint slides, or 500 Adobe PDFs

Customized Settings

  • Adjust spam filters, trash handling, message alerts at domain or user level
  • Display HTML or text
  • Supports 11 languages
  • Customize reply and forwarding settings
  • Create user or domain-level safelists and blacklists
  • Receive email from external accounts
  • Change password from webmail interface
  • User or domain-level customization options

Best in Class Uptime

If you’ve ever had your email service go down, you know how important uptime is. Businesses rely on email more than ever before, whether it’s a “contact us” link on your website, emailing client documents, or gathering your team for a meeting. In fact, over 80% of small business owners consider reliable email an important part of their success. However, maintaining safe, reliable email service is no easy task. Just ask the 25% of business owners who experienced major email outages last year.

The Satisfaction Guarantee

CYBRIDGE customers have the luxury of not worrying about uptime. We guarantee all systems related to delivering your email are operational—or your money back. We’re that confident because we have nearly a decade of experience successfully navigating mail to inboxes, safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Sending & Receiving

Across multiple data centers, we maintain over 3,500 mail servers moving more than 50 million messages a day. Using simple, scalable inbound and outbound mail servers, traffic spikes are efficiently spread across data centers and new servers are deployed on demand. All of this happens without a blip in service on your end.

Application Suite Features


  • Create multiple personal contact lists with unlimited entries
  • Company directory auto-updates new mailboxes
  • Multiple entries for phone and email information, notes area, and image options
  • Import/export contacts between Outlook, Gmail, and more
  • Users can update their personal contact data from the webmail interface
  • Make permission-based group lists from the Control Panel


  • Create multiple calendars and share with selected people in Webmail
  • Send meeting invites and create recurring events
  • Allow specific people to edit your calendar
  • ICal feed to share calendars outside of your domain
  • Get alerts via email or pop-up
  • Color-coded viewing for multiple calendars
  • Import calendars in .csv format


  • Create task lists with sub-tasks
  • Assign due dates
  • Multiple search options
  • Add task-specific information in task notes area
  • Use Task List Manager to view all outstanding tasks


  • Unlimited space to record text notes
  • Assign note titles for easy searching
  • Search by title or last updated date
  • Copy and paste text from other applications

Access All Services, From One Location

  • E Manage Microsoft Exchange and Business Email in one place
  • E Upgrade services online
  • E Control spam & virus settings

How Do We Deliver?

That requires vigilance on multiple fronts to guarantee on demand email performance every time you hit “send”:

Secure Mail Storage

If a catastrophe wipes out your systems, it won’t wipe out mail data. Two live copies are always available, plus a third offline backup. Messages are backed up daily and retrievable up to 14 days later.

System Metrics & Alerts

Real-time monitoring tells us immediately if there’s a broken link in our system before it affects your inbox. All day, every day from over 20 locations on five continents, we test mail delivery, server availability, and security. When a problem arises, dozens of experienced engineers handle the problem and plan to prevent reoccurrence.

Our People

Engineers and developers are the foundation of our guarantee. We’ve assembled functional teams dedicated to individual aspects of mail delivery. Within these teams, developers designing new features and fixes work alongside engineers responsible for troubleshooting and keeping the systems running.
So if something goes wrong, the people who built the systems are working in sync with the people expected to fix it. With our highly specialized, directed teams and processes focused on your email, you can go back to focusing on your business.

Threat Blocker #3: Cloudmark Advanced Fingerprinting.

Combining advanced message fingerprinting and the Global Threat Network, Cloudmark’s comprehensive system not only stops spam and phishing attempts; it also accurately identifies and annihilates viruses.

We Plan for Scalability

Your email should be infinitely scalable. The ability to add or remove mailboxes, handle jumps in email traffic, and send and receive on demand are integral elements of what you get with CYBRIDGE. From end to end, we plan our systems to accommodate your usage no matter how big or small.

We Plan for Your Expansion

Whether you’re adding 5 or 5,000 mailboxes, CYBRIDGE has the system architecture in place to scale to your needs. How? Advanced software design and servers in multiple data centers feature massive amounts of excess capacity. And, you can add or delete right from the control panel.

Looking for relief? Look to CYBRIDGE.

With CYBRIDGE, you get exceptional support and affordable, feature-rich business email and the strongest threat detection structure in the industry. We combined the best of our threat scanning capabilities with industry leaders in spam and virus protection. Before a message enters your mailbox, it undergoes four independent, threat blocking scans:

Threat Blocker #1: Our Gatekeeper Scan.

Our team of email experts developed the Gatekeeper scan to evaluate a message’s compliance with rigorous, internationally recognized technical standards. Messages are also checked against aggregated blacklists of known spam offenders.

We Plan for Traffic Spikes

When email traffic spikes, you won’t miss a message because your server chokes on the increased volume. Load-balanced, clustered, single-purpose servers support inbound and outbound traffic. On demand, we tap into reserve server capacity to manage message volume.

We Plan for Accessible Email

Your mail data lives on servers with an identical twin. In case of an outage or disaster, you have two live copies of mail data immediately available and an offline backup. Our servers sense failures and quickly divert traffic to the operational twin server. With Fantastic Support, a money-back uptime guarantee, and fixed, affordable pricing, CYBRIDGE meets your immediate email needs and is poised to serve your future email needs.

Threat Blocker #4: Clam AV

Incorporating a three-layer virus scan on all incoming messages, Clam AV targets a deceptive measures sender use to mask viruses, compares the message against known virus definitions, and evaluates attachments for possible viruses. Maintaining this comprehensive level of threat protection could cost you thousands of dollars a month to maintain. As a CYBRIDGE customer, these protections are free with every mailbox you add.

Threat Blocker #2: Message Sniffer.

Utilizing user feedback and enhanced pattern matching, Message Sniffer seamlessly annihilates over 98% of spam in real time.

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CYBRIDGE Business Email hosting gives you the power to securely manage email from any web browser on the device of your choice - no licenses to keep track of or software to download 25 GB Mail Box Size, Starting @ Rs.100/-

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CYBRIDGE Business Email hosting gives you the power to securely manage email from any web browser on the device of your choice - no licenses to keep track of or software to download 25 GB Mail Box Size, Starting @ Rs.100/-.